Tillsonburg, a town with such a rich history Stompin’ Tom wrote a song about it! As members of the community, our town has a special place in our hearts, and so do the people. We understand your needs because we are your neighbours – and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you save your hard-earned dollars while protecting your home and family, starting with helping you navigate the insurance landscape, starting with the importance of working with an insurance company and broker you can trust.  


The Importance of Working with an Insurance Company 

You can never be prepared for the unexpected no matter how hard you try! Insurance is a safeguard against unforeseen events that can have a significant impact on your life, property, or business. An insurance company acts as a financial safety net, providing coverage for various risks and liabilities. Whether it’s auto, home, farm, or business insurance, having a reliable provider is essential for peace of mind and financial security.  


Factors to consider when selecting an insurance company in Tillsonburg, Ontario 

With so many insurance options available, including a plethora of virtual insurance companies with a menu of coverages, choosing the right insurance company for your specific needs (especially in Tillsonburg, Oxford, and Norfolk) can be tricky.  Choosing the right insurance company requires careful consideration of the company’s reputation, customer service, coverage options, and pricing – it’s important to assess the provider’s understanding of local risks and their ability to tailor policies to your unique needs, especially in a town booming with farming and business.  


Assessing Your Insurance Needs to Find the Right Coverage  

Every person uses insurance differently, so finding the right coverage for your specific needs is imperative – a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Start by considering the type of coverage required for your home. If you own a house, factors such as the property value, location, and the contents of your home should be taken into account. For auto insurance, assess your driving habits, the value of your vehicle, and whether you commute regularly. If you own a farm, your assessment should include the size of your property, the type of crops or livestock you have, and any equipment you use. Business owners need to evaluate the nature of their operations, the size of their workforce, and the potential liabilities associated with their industry. 

Tip: Take a look at our Resource page to find helpful home inventory checklists and forms!


How Working with an Insurance Broker Can Save You Time and Money  

Working with an insurance broker is like having your own sidekick. It is our job to help you find the best insurance coverage, handle your claims, compare market offerings each year to ensure you still have the best policy available, and make sure that your policy details remain accurate and up to date. Another benefit? We live where you live! You can always reach us, and we understand the complexities of living in rural communities.  


Additional Services and Support Offered by Insurance Brokers 

Insurance brokers often go above and beyond simply providing insurance coverage. They offer a range of additional services and support to enhance their clients’ experience and ensure comprehensive protection.  Here are a few examples: 

  • Risk Management Consultations: Insurance brokers assess your unique risks and provide recommendations to minimize exposures. This proactive approach helps avoid being over or under-insured and reduces the likelihood of claims.
  • Claims Assistance: Acting as intermediaries between clients and insurance companies, brokers ensure a smooth and efficient resolution in the event of an insurance claim. Not only does this help lessen the stress of a claim, but it ensures you’ve always got an insurance sidekick.
  • Policy Reviews: As life changes, so should your insurance. From a new home to a new business, insurance brokers can work with you to review and update your policy to ensure you have the right coverage at every step of your life.
  • Educational Resources: Insurance brokers are your #1 source of credible insurance information. At VLG, we offer a range of FREE resources to help make insurance easier for everyone!  


From tailored coverage options for farms and expansive properties to a knowing appreciation of local nuances, local insurance providers like VLG Insurance stand as pillars of support in safeguarding against the uncertainties of rural life.  Stop by our local office located at 16 Brock St. West, Tillsonburg, Ontario or give our team a call any time you need at 519- 842-8465 – we’re here for you.